Our Technology

Our Technology

At the heart of Queenswood clinical care is a suite of next-generation dental technology which allows our clinicians to plan and treat with unparalleled accuracy.

Our 3D imaging and scanning facilities place Queenswood among the UK’s most advanced and best-equipped clinics.   

Introducing iTero

iTero’s Element 3D scanner is the technology behind the clinic’s peerless orthodontic, cosmetic and restorative results.

The scanner uses confocal imaging to gain superbly accurate digital colour scans without dental putty. 

The resulting images allow our team to work with 100% confidence and accuracy while letting the patient view a realistic smile preview before treatment begins.

The iTero scanner turns the treatment into a uniquely collaborative experience in which patient and clinical team work hand in hand on smile design.  

The scanner is an especially effective planning resource for Invisalign treatment and invaluable in guiding the successful production of high-quality CAD/CAM restorations.     

CBCT Scanning

The clinic’s CBCT scanner helps our team to build an extraordinarily detailed picture of the inside of the mouth, teeth, jaw and gums.

For maxillofacial and cosmetic-surgical purposes, the scanner can also map the head and neck in stunning detail.

The CBCT scanner is an invaluable tool in almost every aspect of dental and medical  treatment. 

It can help to locate root canals where conventional X-rays fail. It is also useful for diagnosing temporomandibular joint (TMJ) complaints and bad bite, as well as locating impacted teeth and accurately placing crowns, implants or other restorations.

Intraoral X-Ray

The clinic enjoys full dental intraoral X-ray facilities and is pleased to offer the service as part of our general dentistry care.

X-rays use extremely low, safe doses of radiation to capture a detailed 2D image of the teeth and gums.

They can help to spot problems like impacted teeth, cavities, decay and more.

Our team may also perform extraoral X-rays to help diagnose problems outside of the teeth and gums, especially around the jaw. 

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